Autumn Tour & New Music

Hi everybody,
I’m writing this quick post from the plane that is currently taking me home from a 3-week-long tour that took me from London to Buenos Aires, Trelew, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix and Mexico City!

A big thank you to the Festa Bros, the Trelew crew, Dave and Drea, Steve Ayala, Jeremy Miller and all the people that made this trip possible and attended the shows, all the supporting DJs and finally to my 2 brothers Joshua Heath and Jason Tokita. It was awesome to see you all and I look forward to do it again soon :)





Right, onto new things: Music-wise, my latest EP came out a couple of weeks ago, it’s called AGAIN and I co-produced it with a house music legend, Mr Joey Negro. It is out now and as you can see is currently rocking the Traxsource Top 100, so a massive thank you for supporting it, and if you haven’t heard it yet, there it is:


Akabu & Giom feat Kadija Kamara – Again by Joey Negro

Also, I’ve got a ton of new music coming out, so keep your eyes opened, all these will be out soon:

Giom – Red Light EP – Large Music
Giom – Doctor Zapp EP – Loulou Records
Cuts Deep – The Revival (Giom Remix) – Toolroom Records
Akabu – Everybody Wants (Giom Remix) – Z Records
Ivan Latishev – Simple Minds (Giom Remix) –

Right, so it’s now time for me to pick up the sticks again as I’m going back on the road with Alice Russell for her Autumn European tour. Check my GIGS page for more info if you fancy coming to see us live.


Lots of love and music and speak soon!



  1. Thomas

    Hey ! Saw you on Sunday night in Montreal, and was kinda surprised you were not behind the kit but on guitar and keyboards. Is it a regular thing ?

    You guys rocked the Belmont anyway, my only regret being that it was a tad short… :D


  2. Thomas_Again

    Ah ah ah !! And I suddenly realize it might not even have been you on guitar (you guys look pretty much the same though, maybe it’s just the glasses). Awkward…

    • Giom

      I didn’t do any of these shows I’m afraid, Alice has a different band of the North American shows. The guy you’re talking about is TM Juke her producer for the past 10years. He’s blond. I guess we both wear glasses but that’s about it :)

  3. Thomas

    Ah ah ah !!!… Well, I’m really sorry for the confusion !

    Any chances I’ll see you sitting behind the drums in Mtl someday ?