New remix, some vinyl and a mix cd

Hey everyone, quick update:

First of all, I have a new remix coming out on Angel Alanis’ new label, Home Audio Recordings. The original track is by Giovanni Damico, and my version is now available for you all to hear on my Soundcloud page. Hope you like it! The track will be out exclusively on vinyl and Beatport first, and then all other good retailers.

For all of you vinyl heads, Amenti Music has just pressed 300 copies of my latest “Poulet Gaufre EP” with Derek Dunbar. You can order your copy now from all good House vinyl stores, including the great Juno Records.¬†And actually if you like vinyl, you might be into this CHART I did especially to help promote the release.

Finally, you’ll have noticed that I haven’t posted any new promo mixes for a couple of months now… That is because I’m going to be releasing my first official mix cd on the ever brilliant Lost My Dog record label. So I’m currently working hard on the tracklisting, wich will be 100% LMD tracks, and there’s a lot to choose from… I’ve re-edited a few of my favourite tracks especially for the occasion, so hopefully it will help make the release a bit more interesting than just another mix cd. More info on this really soon. Release date planned for around March-April…

Speak soon, and until then, be good everyone!

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  1. think the link is broke dude, just thought I would let you know