Ableton Flyer 2017


A few months back, I published a Facebook post saying that I was going to take on a few private students and if anyone would be interested… Within 24h I was inundated with demand and within the space of a week, I had over 20 students from all over the world.

My teaching concept is very simple: Using Zoom, I teach you electronic music production on Ableton from my London studio via the screen share option. You can then see and hear what I’m doing in real-time and ask me any question you may have. At the end of our lesson, the project gets uploaded to you and you can open it right away on your own computer.

We can start from scratch if you’re a beginner, or if you’re of an advanced level we can go deep into details. I can help you finish that track of yours, or simply give you my feedback on your productions. Every lesson is unique to each student.

What you will need:
1/ a fast Internet connection. Goes without saying, but the faster your connection the smoother it will go.
2/ a Zoom account (free)
3/ a Splice account (free)
4/ a copy of Ableton Live to open the projects

Here’s some of my previous students feedback

“No matter what your level is, I seriously recommend you to book lessons from GIOM! I’m producing music for 2 years but there were something missing in my tracks so i booked some lessons from him and he gave me what i needed. He shares his knowledge, experience, advanced techniques with no secret and he is really very kind person ! Thank you so much GIOM”
Gurkan Asik (Istanbul, Turkey)

“We would like to thank GIOM for the groove lessons we took with him. His knowledge and good attitude have been very helpful and taught us a lot. We really recommend you to try it out”
Tony AKA Brother In Arts (Lyon, France)

“I will attest that G is a top guy, he has and is still teaching me in my transition from logic to ableton”
Ricky Monaco (Canada)

Fancy joining the fun? Fill the form underneath or send me a mail at and I’ll get back to you with all the info you’ll need.