A quick note from the studio…

Hey everyone, how’s things with you all? Good i hope…
I tend to be a bit lazy with blogging and all that stuff, so as the winter is properly kicking in here in London, I thought I would post a quick note to let you all know what I’ve been up to recently, and that is, I’ve started working on a solo ALBUM, my first “artist” album… A couple of months ago, while having an uninspired day in the studio, I was thinking that for the last 4 years I’ve been releasing various EPs and remixes for different labels pretty much non stop, both under my own name and as Bobby & Klein, and while I REALLY enjoy doing so, I thought it could be cool to have a short break from this and try something a bit different, like a different approach to making music, with less deadlines and more creativity, experimentation etc… so I decided to start working on an album. Like a REAL album, 10-12 tracks, different genres, some electronic tunes, some with more of a live instruments approach, not sure yet… Right now I’m still at the demo stage, trying out ideas, recording singers as well as live instruments, compiling as much musical TEXTURES as I can. I’m giving myself until April next year to have it all finished, and the idea is to put it out towards the end of 2011.

So that’s it, now you know everything, and now I need to get back in there and work some more.

Bonsoir for now, and speak soon!



  1. J.O.

    Hey, that’s great news, your work is the SHIT! Seriously :D

    But I wonder, what program do you use to crunch out those awesome sounds and do you have any good advice for new producers such as myself!? How long did it take you to get this good!? :D

  2. Giom

    Thanks for the kind words sir! I started producing music about 10 years ago, and the program i now use for everything is Ableton Suite 8, and I totally love it!

  3. J.O.

    Sweet, just starting out here with Logic, but I’ll probably chech Ableton as well, as I know that a lot of people use it. Can’t wait for an album!