A Brazillian Mess

A Brazilian Mess

Hi everyone,

First of all, apologies for the upcoming long and boring message but the following has to be said:

Last weekend, I was scheduled to go to Brazil for the weekend and perform at both Deputamadre Club in Belo Horizonte (for the SHE’S BAD crew) and the amazing Tribaltech festival in Curitiba.

Unfortunately, I missed out on both events.

I missed out because the guy that “organised” those gigs for me managed to steal my fees as well as flight money.

For the past 10 days myself, my agent, as well as the organisers of both events were constantly in touch and tried to make something work but time eventually ran out on us.

We obviously tried to convince this guy to give the money back so that last minute flights could be booked but he stopped replying to us and has now disappeared.

Sadly, the police is now involved and is taking care of this matter so hopefully he will get caught and will pay back what he stole.

SO anyway, once again I am really sorry about this, I really wanted to be there with you guys so I sincerely hope I can come back soon, have a proper boogie with you all and forget about this mess.

Thanks for reading, now back to the music