Winter 2012 News: Travels, new music and my album!

Oh dear, hello everyone :) It’s been quite a while since I last posted on here and this website of mine is in need of a serious update! So here we go:

The past few months have been truly amazing for me, for a few reasons: Firstly I’ve been busier than ever with DJing: I’ve had the chance to go and play in amazing places such as Athens, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Khabarovsk (crazy city deep down in Russia, 8h flight from Moscow!), this coming weekend I’m playing for the first time in both Cairo and Istanbul, and in 2 weeks doing a weekend tour of Greece where I’ll be playing in Rhodes Island, Volos and Thessaloniki with my mate and fellow DJ Elias Tzikas (Urban Torque, Pastic City, Muak Music)! Finally, I’ll end the year with sunshine in my face as I’ll be playing in the incredible looking Praia dos Algodões, in the Maraú Peninsula in Brazil for New Year’s Eve! So there you go, I don’t think I can complain can I? :) By the way as you may know I always take a few photos during my travels, so feel free to follow me on Instagram to be kept in the loop of my whereabouts. Here’s a pic of the NYE venue, Tikal Praia Bar!

Now onto MUSIC NEWS:

As you may know I’ve recently had a healthy amount of new music in the download charts, such as my release with Fred Everything’ A Better World on Large Music, and also my remix of Hector Couto’s Let The music Play (this one topped Traxsource’s overall Top 100 in July and remained there for 3weeks, getting support from everyone from Mark knight to Tony Humphries and Pleasurekraft). I also released a mix album to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Amenti music (“Summerized: 10 Years Of Amenti”), and also a few remixes for the likes of the legendary King Street imprint, but also newcomers Love Not Money and of course, my favourites, the ever reliable and arguably best Deep House house label out there Lost My Dog. I’ve also just released a brand new 2-tracker on MUAK Music (available now) and have a new track coming out on brand new label Fly In A Jam, which you can preview as well as all the other mentioned tracks on the player right HERE!

September was holiday time for me: I had an incredible 2-week break with my girlfriend, we went to Jordan and checked out the mind blowing lost city of Petra, one of the new 7 wonders of the world. You might recognize it from either Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade or Tranformers: Revenge Of The Fallen… However, I must stress that no words or photos can do this beauty justice. Standing by a 40m high sandstone monument, which also happens to be 3000 years-old is something quite out of this world, and I can honestly say that I never experienced anything similar in my life before.

ANYWAY, finally, after years of procrastination and doubts and many false starts, I’m very happy to announce that I’ve finally been working full time on my debut album. I’m now more than halfway through it and cannot wait to play it to you guys. However you must be warned: some of it you’ll all recognize and be familiar with as it definitely sounds like ME, but some of it will definitely surprise you. Check this out: I’ve written songs! Full songs. Lyrics and stuff!! However fear not, I won’t be singing!
I intend on having every track mixed and fully finished for early January and hopefully find a good label for it.

Well that’s bout it guys and girls, I better get back in the studio and finish off some more music and get prepared for the next few weeks… And also catch up with Masterchef on Iplayer :) Until next time,