Coming soon…

Hey everyone: I have 2 new remixes coming out in the next month or so, so I thought I would post them in here for you all to have a listen.

The first one is for my favourite Belgian buddies Vernon & Dacosta and is called “You So Crazy”. It’s coming out on their own label Homecoming Music on August 23rd.

The second one is for up and coming Deep Houser Marvin Zeyss and is coming out on a brand new label, UM Records. This one is scheduled for mid-september so stay tuned and come back here for more info. Or, even better, pay UM Records a visit and go to their own WEBSITE.
Let me know what you think guys, good or bad! Feedback is always appreciated.

Vernon & Dacosta Feat. Red Eye – You So Crazy (Giom Remix) – Homecoming Music by Giom

Marvin Zeyss – In My Arms (Giom Remix) – UM Records by Giom