September Update

Hey Everyone,
Hope you all had a good summer.

I definitely did: Touring, playing out, writing, remixing, promoting, exercising (TRUE!), and buying some studio bits (smaller monitors, shelves, a couple of tasty Native Instruments plugins, NI’s Maschine, a Yamaha TX7 and a Yamaha TX81Z to be precise, both 80s analog DIGITAL legends! Ebay rules)… it’s been great!

Now here in London it’s back to constant rain and studio time, which to be honest is my favourite place to be so I can’t really complain.
A bit of promo: last time I told you that I had 2 remixes coming out. Well they’re now BOTH out on Beatport. You can find my remix of Vernon & Dacosta HERE on the brand new one for Deep House darling Marvin Zeyss HERE.

I’ve also just updated the Souncloud player, so feel free to go there have a listen to a couple of brand new tracks.

Latest Releases by Giom

As usual I’m currently working on more remixes and originals, this time for the likes of Soul Minority, Beef Records, Good Voodoo Music and more..

That’s for now, speak soon guys :)