March and things…

Hey hey, how have you been fans and friends?
It’s been a good few weeks since last time we chatted (or I did) so I thought I’d update you guys and girls on what’s been happening and what’s coming up, as this is what I tend to do here, on this blog, MY blog ;)

By the way, thank you all so much for supporting my music in the past 2 months. My remixes for Zeitgeist and Jon Delerious both went to the Beatport Deep House Top 20 and my old Vernon & Dacosta Remix on Amenti Music is currently still in the Beatport top10 CLASSICS: I cannot thank you all enough for this amazing support.

Keep your eyes opened for this upcoming little bomb I have just finished for Spain’s Adult Music Records. It’s a remix of a great track called “Let The Music Play” and it was originally produced by Hector Couto & Santi Garcia and features Pablo Fierro. You can hear my own take on this gem HERE

So yes, February was awesome, I did my live debut in 2 different countries which couldn’t be more different from each other : Poland and the United Arab Emirates. One thing these 2 places both have in commom though, is great taste in house music!

My debut show in Poland took place in a club called Numer01, located in a little town called Wodzislaw Slaski, an hour drive from Katowice. I was introduced to one of the best crowd ever, full of energy, and with a great house music culture! They definitely know their stuff over there! The warm-up was handled by Vienna’s finest jackin’house couple, Natasza & Oscarsix.

A super night: hopefully they’ll have me back soon :) Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the temperarure was of about -25˙, so fair play to everyone for coming down and having a boogie!

From freezing -25 to mad hot 25 degrees, here I am flying to Dubai the following weekend! I was playing for arguably the best night there is in town, AUDIO TONIC ! Set in the amazing club 360, music was handled by the awesome residents JC, Mr Mr and Raxon. I played a fairly chilled set from 8 til 11, which you can listen to HERE!

I was also able to catch up with my old London buddies SMOKINGROOVE which I hadn’t seen for ages and fun was had all night long….. out of the DJ booth of course, otherwise I’d have to go to prison forever etc… Not true but not too far off either :)

The following day was spent walking and looking at tall buildings, gold monuments, expensive watches and eating at NASIMI BEACH with the Smokingroove boys and Nasimi Beach resident/OM Records artist/local DJ hero Charl Chaka. And also, recording/broadcasting/sweating a live mix from one of the most impressive HOME studio I’ve ever been to. The leaving room IS the studio. PAZ‘s setup will no doubt make anyone interested in audio equipment and great monitor speakers jealous… You can actually watch my entire set from Paz’s own website!

Alright friends, that’s it for now, I have to get back to the studio now and finish off my upcoming EP for Muak Music as well as a brand new 2 tracker collaboration with mr Fred Everything. Until next time!



  1. Aaron

    Loving the Let The Music Play remix. Any idea of a release date?