New music, new gigs, festivals and more: the “SUMMER” update

Hi everyone, how have you all been?
Right now I’m chilling in my hotel room in Rostov-On-Don (where I’m playing tonight) and I thought I would use the free time I have this afternoon to write an update of what I’ve been up to for the past few months, as there’s been quite a lot of stuff going on.

First of all, some of you may not know that I am a drummer, and just in case you missed it in the last update, I’m currently playing drums for the amazing Alice Russell . It had been a few years since I’d been on a proper tour and I’m happy to say that I really missed it and have had an amazing time with the band! Alice’s new album “To Dust” was released back in March and since April we have performed over 20 shows all over Europe from France, Germany, Bulgaria and the UK. This amazing is from our show at the Bataclan in Paris:


The tour will continue all over the summer and will take us to many festivals such as Glastonbury, Solidays, Womad and many more all over Europe. You can find all the dates HERE or for more details head to Alice’s website HERE.


Not that this live shizzle has slowed me down production-wise, I’ve also managed to finish off remixes for labels such as Loco Records, Seamless Recordings, NastyFunk (as I speak this one is at #09 on Beatport’s Indie Top 100 and is cuurently a favourite of both Kolombo and Sharam Jey, which is pretty effing cool if you ask me!), Savoir Faire Musique, Playperview and I’m currently working on my remix of AKABU’s massive Everybody Wants Something as well as an EP for one of my current favourite label, LOULOU Records (AKA Kolombo & Loulou Players’ label). As usual, you can listen to all my latest and upcoming releases on my soundcloud page.

Latest Releases by Giom

Another big thing that has happened to me is the arrival of the amazing Ableton PUSH controller in the studio. This is a serious beast that I’m finding harder and harder not to use on everything I produce. It introduces an even more intuitive way to produce and I absolutely love it. I’m still experimenting with it though so I’m definitely not an expert yet. But, I’d like to think that after a few months of intense use this might change :)


Alright, that’s it for now, gotta get some sleep before the show at Unique tonight. The guys did a really cool flyer for the show, check it out, I look about 10 :)


Lots of love and speak soon everyone :)