Summer 2011 UPDATE : Part 2

Ok, time for PART 2:

After all the “Clips & Space” and Fabric shenanigans, I flew to Prague to play a gig organised by the Mooove IT crew. A good turn out in a spectacular venue (the Cross Club) made it a really cool gig. It was also really nice to finally meet the Magors crew, Kevin and my friend Sarka! Good times :)

I then spent a couple of weeks making music in my London studio and played a series of local gigs, before it was time for me to fly straight from my gig at Egg to Barcelona for the first ever LMD boat party!! A great DJ line-up and amazing party people made the 11am start all worth it (not easy with the Spanish sun and when you’ve been up all night ;). It was also a Bobby & Klein reunion as my partner in crime Vinz was there: It was great to catch up with him as it’d been quite a while since we last saw each other… We put some dates in the diary and a new EP is in the works. Music-wise, the crown goes to Joshua Iz for rockin this boat out proper, even though he played for 45min during lunchtime…

… And here’s a video of myself playing my favourite tune of the summer, Burnski’s “Topical Nights”!

Me, Vinz and a group of friends then headed to the official Resident advisor party which featured the all-star line-up of Soul Clap, Mark E, Prins Tomas and the amazing DJ Harvey, which kept us dancing to the finest disco beats til the early hours with records that I’d never ever heard before, absolutely amazing!

After coming home from this excellent weekend, I had 2 days to pack my suitcase and head straight to LA to meet Joshua Heath and start my annual US tour. I felt welcomed ;)

This tour took me to LA, San Diego, Oakland, San Francisco, Seattle and Phoenix. A big big thank you to all the DJs, promoters and fans that came out to the shows. Special thanks to the incredible Seattle people that really made me feel at home and hosted a wicked gig at the Electric Tea Garden. Also, a big thank you to the people that hosted me, took me places and drove me around. Here’s some pics for you, including one of the worl’ds hottest house Pin-Up, Miss Vanessa from San Francisco!! She came to my Oakland gig with a special GIOM t-shirt! Highlight of my day for sure :)

I also had the pleasure of discovering a curious LA specialty, the ICE CREAM sandwich!!, which, despite its revolting name was a very enjoyable experience. Special thanks to Joshua Heath for taking me to MILK for this. Oh yeah, we worked on music also :)

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