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OK, this is pretty cool: as you already know I give Ableton lessons via Skype (if you don’t, click HERE) but this is a little different. On this tutorial, I’m taking you right to the heart of my latest track Love / Hate, showing you exactly how I produced it using Ableton Live. I’ve teamed up once again with the good guys of Warp Academy and have recorded a special 3h-long video tutorial explaining everything about the making of the track.


What else? You get to keep the full Ableton session to yourself, so that you can remix, change, use the parts in your own productions if you wish, anything… There’s one version that features all the plugins I used, and one without any, so you can even open the project from Ableton Lite. Don’t worry we’ve thought of everything ;)

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Here’s me explaining a little bit more about the whole project:

Finally, here’s some reviews of the course in case you’re unsure.



Interested? Feel free to check out the course from the link below, that will take you to the product page at Warp Academy. I really hope you enjoy it, and please do let me know what you think.